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About Us

"Where the Adventure Begins"

Art Class


At Little Creek Academy, we believe that children learn best when they feel safe and loved. 
Our goal is to set a foundation of love, Christian values, and a passion for learning in our students that will guide them through life. Our teachers are highly trained and selected with our philosophy in mind. They are committed to loving and nurturing each and every child and to make learning fun!
We also believe that physical activity is an important part of learning. Exercise stimulates BRAIN GROWTH, improves FOCUS & COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE​.

Our students are able to participate in:
-Outdoor play on our brand-new playground 
-Friday Tumbling & Trampoline Classes
(Included in tuition)
-Indoor play in our Developmental Room 

Health & Safety

At Little Creek Academy, safety is our top priority!
We have a state-of-the-art security system to ensure our children and parents will feel safe and comfortable. Our staff follows strict safety and security procedures and prioritizes keeping our classrooms clean and sanitary. Our students are provided with a nutritious (and delicious) breakfast, lunch, and snack daily that is made at our very own restaurant, "The Watering Hole". 
Our classrooms are all newly built with brand-new furniture and equipment. Our four classrooms were designed and installed specifically for each age group by experts in early childhood education. We also have a new playground that is soft-surfaced and meets ADA guidelines and is commercially compliant with ASTM and CSPC IPEMA certified. 


Our New Facility

Located at TexStar Athletics

Little Creek Academy is a brand new facility attached to TexStar Athletics and was built exclusively for our private preschool. 
We have four classrooms specifically
designed for each age group.
We believe that staying active is an important part of learning and growth. In addition to our playground, our students can play in our Developmental Room, which is filled with safe and fun equipment designed to help children gain coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence.
In addition to Little Creek Academy, TexStar has opened a restaurant called "The Watering Hole." 
Our goal is to have healthy snack and meal options for our children since they spend a large portion of their time at our facility.

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