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Our Classrooms

Playing with Toys

Baby Otters

6 Weeks-12 Months

The first step into our Little Creek Program is our 6 week to 11 month old children. Our goal is to focus on their motor skill development and introduce music and story time. At this age, we want to ensure the children are developing emotionally and physically.

Cuddly Cubs

12 Months- 2 Years

We want our toddlers to experience new sounds, movement, and learning in a

safe and fun environment. To foster this experience, we incorporate music

time, work on language development, learn colors and shapes, have Bible

story time, and most of all HAVE FUN. Physical movement is an important

aspect of our curriculum for this age group because it encourages motor skill development.

Preschool Class

Darling Deer

2 Years- 3 Years

Preschool learning for this age group goes beyond playtime. At Little Creek

Academy, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts. We do

this by incorporating music time, art stations, and reading circles. A great

emphasis is placed on learning letters and their sounds.

Little Hedgehogs

3 & 4 Year Olds

As their preschool learning grows through exposure to phonics, numbers, art, poetry, and the Bible, four-year-olds become students naturally and gain a strong foundation for kindergarten. The Little Creek preschool program serves as a bridge between a preschool experience and kindergarten for our four year olds.

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